As you would well expect, there is a certain amount of paperwork that we must address in preparation for your forthcoming wedding.


Firstly, the Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) form (which I shall provide), must be completed at least one calendar moth before (and in fact up to eighteen months before) and in my hands.


You will need to provide photographic evidence for both of you (typically Drivers Licence or Staff ID), together with an original Birth Certificate or Australian Passport for Australian citizens or Overseas Passport (not a Cancelled Passport) for anyone born outside of Australia. We still could meet and complete the NIM before you provided the Birth Certificate if you have to order a new one.


I advise couples that your initial priority is to secure your venue, then the next three priorities are your Celebrant, your Photographer and your Wedding Dress (they are frequently outsourced for making out of Australia, so it is critical that you keep the pressure on your supplier to ensure you receive your dress well in advance of your wedding day – I could tell you scary stories).


If either of you are divorced I must sight your Divorce Certificate indicating when your former marriage was finalised – if your spouse is deceased I must sight the Death Certificate, and if you have formally changed your name I must sight the new Birth Certificate or Change of Name Certificate.


There is also a Certificate of Marriage Form Declaration that has to be addressed, which states that neither of you are married and that there is no legal impediment to your becoming married.


You will receive from me a Marriage Certificate on the day and we require two witnesses aged eighteen years or older – they can be family members or friends, frequently being members of the wedding party – but again, no fixed rules.


For the bride to alter her Passport, change her Drivers Licence, or to open joint Bank Accounts, Insurance Policies, etc. you will require a Marriage Certificate issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. I will provide you with this Form together with the Registry’s Fees List. If you give me the completed Form on your Wedding Day you do not need to provide the three forms of ID they stipulate when I send your Form with my paperwork.


I have mentioned that there are certain legal components that must be included in your Ceremony, specifically the “Monitum” and inclusions within your Vows – these are both non negotiable : if they were to be excluded (precisely as dictated), your marriage could be deemed to be invalid.


As you can see, there is quite a lot of ground to be covered when we meet to proceed, and I always indicate that we must allow at least one hour to both cover the Paperwork, discuss your Ceremony and address any and all your queries you might have.