Peter Cowling

To my mind there is no greater privilege than to be an active participant in an event that means so much to those taking part.

Questions often asked

Q Why is the right choice of Celebrant so important?
A You need to feel that you both have a real rapport with your chosen celebrant.

That celebrant must come across as totally professional, and capable of giving you a relaxed enjoyable Ceremony.

Your Ceremony is the vital lead up to your reception celebrations – the happier the Ceremony, the happier the celebrations!

The perfect Ceremony provides the fabulous memories to reflect on into the future.

Q How do you put a value on the Celebrant’s fees ?
A In essence, you get what you pay for – we all tend to buy from obviously reputable, professional providers – price does become somewhat secondary.

Degree of experience, Testimonials do matter.

The celebrant’s commitment to giving you a personalised Ceremony of your choice – not confined to impersonal, limited scripts.

Obvious public speaking expertise.

Evidently knowledgeable about their vocation and can provide advice re support services.

Meets all your expectations as the right choice to make your wedding day start on the right foot.


Q Is your celebrant affiliated with a professional support organisation?
A There are two highly recognised bodies – the AMC and the AFCC.

I am a member of both of these organisations, with the AMC providing daily updates to members in regard to trends, prospective changes to the Marriage Act 1961, and general celebrant activity matters.

Certainly every celebrant should be a member of at least one of these organisations in order to keep fully informed on their professional responsibilities.

Q How much input do I have to my Ceremony?
A Good question.
In essence, apart from those components required at law, you have absolute control of content.

Having said that, your celebrant must of course provide source material to assist you in developing your exclusive Ceremony.

Incidentally, you are welcome to involve family or close friends by having them present some of your chosen readings.


Q How long is the average Ceremony?
A Typically 20 to 30 minutes (including the Signing) – not too short, not too long – but again the choice is yours.


Q Do I need a rehearsal?

A It is certainly not essential, and in many instances it is not sought.

It can, however, be arranged, at your discretion.


Q Why do I need an alternate venue for my Wedding?

A Obviously if both your wedding and your reception are at the same venue, no need.

However, if not, you cannot rely upon the weather doing the right thing, in which case you need to confirm with your reception venue that your wedding will take place there if necessary.