Wedding Ceremony

More than anything else, I love performing weddings – they are without doubt, a reflection of what is beautiful in a world where joy is at a premium, and to be an active participant in the union of two people so much in love is a unique and wonderful privilege which I never take for granted.


I also do perform Renewal of Vows Ceremonies, and Commitment Ceremonies as they have the same objective – a couples’ wish to proudly pronounce to the world their total commitment and unreserved love for each other.


Your Ceremony may take various forms, from the Traditional to the Intimate, the Modern, the Themed, Formal, Informal, SemiFormal, Alternative, etc. – the choice quite simply is yours.


You may care to include romantic inclusions such as a:

To further add to the romanticism you might employ a: 

– again you may have other choices to make your day truly special and unique.


Wedding Ceremony

On your wedding day, I believe that one of my major responsibilities is to make you both as comfortable as possible – inevitably there are tensions leading up to your special day, and I want you to be relaxed and happy through your Ceremony.


It is true that no matter what your personal backgrounds may be, the actual Ceremony itself is a somewhat daunting experience – and I want it to provide special memories for you to treasure in future years.


A happy, professional Ceremony sets the mood for a fantastic and memorable Reception to follow.