Peter Cowling

I love weddings -
and dedicate myself to ensuring that your ceremony truly reflects everything that you choose, and creates wonderful memories for all time.

"For that Special Ceremony just for you"

Welcome to Peter Cowling CMC., JP,
an authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant
located at Nelson Bay on beautiful Port Stephens.


Do you want your wedding to be a wonderful, memorable and absolutely unforgettable for the very best of reasons?

Have you attended weddings where the spark, the sparkle, the sense of intimacy and emphasis on the bride and groom, (rather than “just another wedding”) that you are looking for, are missing?

Are you frustrated, trying to find amongst the multitude of listed celebrants, the right and only one for you?

Would you like a unique and romantic ceremony, with a sprinkle of humour added, together with  your chosen special themes, to put your stamp on your day?

Do you want to feel so relaxed on your special day, that you will vividly remember all the highlights, and especially how your wedding set the perfect mood for your reception?

A distinct benefit of choosing a mature celebrant such as myself, is that like a good bottle of red wine, he improves with age!  I must add that being a celebrant is the most personally fulfilling and rewarding  profession I have ever undertaken.

Add to that the experience gained since becoming appointed in September 2005, a professional public speaking background, an absolute dedication to giving your one and only day all the attention it so rightly deserves, and most importantly not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

Please check out my Testimonials – just a small sample of those I have received.

Peter Cowling CelebrantPeter Cowling Celebrant

I have been privileged to perform weddings attended by as few as two guests, to in excess of two hundred, and the same degree of care and attention is devoted to each and every one, and my couples have ranged in age from latter teenagers to those in there eighties.

But they all had one thing in common – they were all totally in love, and sought a beautiful and memorable wedding ceremony, performed with grace, humour and absolute sincerity.

When we meet to plan your wedding, I only arrange appointments in venues such as coffee shops or your reception venue – these are neutral and, I believe, by far the most comfortable and relaxing  for all concerned, whilst we can enjoy a good coffee at the same time.

So please contact me now – we can cover many aspects on the phone, and then arrange an initial meeting – this, of course, will be planned to take place at a time to suit your work arrangements, and we should allow about one hour to complete the initial paperwork.

You will find answers to many questions you may have in  my FAQ.